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Annual Events, Festivals & Fairs in Wenatchee Valley

The Wenatchee Valley is home to a myriad of festivals, fairs and events all year long. From the famous Washington Apple Blossom Festival celebrating the spring bloom to the Flake Festival celebrating those frosty flakes of fun, you will find a reason for celebrating at any time of the year.   WASHINGTON STATE OMNIUM STAGE RACE CHAMPIONSHIPS The Criterium is traditionally held in downtown Wenatchee with spectators lining the streets to watch the racers feverishly speed around a 1 Kilometer. read more »

Who was Clyde “Upside-Down” Pangborn

Clyde “Upside-Down” Pangborn Clyde Edward “Upside-Down” Pangborn made crowds gasp when he performed his daring aerial stunts during the Roaring Twenties. He was among the period’s finest aerial showmen. As his nickname suggests, he was anything but a conventional pilot, and people loved him for it. But Pangborn was much more than an entertainer. read more »

Agriculture of the Valley

Agriculture of the Valley Homegrown Goodness Direct from the Farm For a taste of the Wenatchee Valley’s bounty, look no further than the small farms and fruit stands that you see along the road. Take a scenic drive through our valley and enjoy the spectacular beauty of our farmlands; stop at one of our many roadside stands and savor the large variety of offerings. read more »

What are Clovis Points?

During the installation of an irrigation line in East Wenatchee on May 27, 1987, orchard workers discovered credible evidence of what archaeologists have described as “The First Americans,” a nomadic hunting culture of the Pleistocene Epoch of the New World. The orchard workers discovered a cache of enormous spear points and knives subsequently identified as Clovis points-a designation commemorating the geographic location of the first fluted projectile point site discovered near Clovis, New Mexico. read more »